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Bill is a 3D bear made by Reyes, a deviant from DeviantArt.

History Edit

The creator actually said that Bill is a bear, because he really loves bears and thought up a character.

Eventually F4XY is an inspiration from both Bill and Foxy.

Personality Edit

Basically, Billy is a tough bear. Bill loves honey and fishes, kind of similar to Winnie the Pooh in the Disney series. He likes eating and fighting. Unknown what is the bib he wears represent, but only the text on it represents his initial. Bill has no official home, as Reyes keep putting him in a blank purple or other color background. He hates Rex-Equinox(not confirmed) extremely, just like Fourxy.

Bill has a fact that he can't sing for some reason. He can barely sing once with Freddy, who gives him a chance to sing but he possibly regret it.

Bill's biggest advantage that he is always ready for a fight. Especially due to that he has a pair of fierce eyes and sharp teeth, and the bandages around his arms and leg. This might be that Bill loves battles or something about fighting.

Bill is best friends with both F4XY and Rebornica. He is most likely a slacker with a mix of a fighter.

Appearance Edit

Bill has an appearance of a brown bear. He has very thick eyebrows. He has pink bib having the letter B. He has three white bandage on his arms and left leg. He has yellow eyes and sharp teeth. He has brown mohawk looking backwards as his hair.

Bill's reference.

Art Edit

Usually, Billy is more into modeling avatars in Blender. He don't usually use drawings anyway. He also likes 2D arts. F4XY said that how to use Blender and what does it do, Bill said that this Blender software is very confused at first.

Gallery Edit

Gallery of Bill

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