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Bonnie is an antagonist in all FNaF games, excluding the 3rd game.

Appearance Edit

Bonnie in the first game has an appearance of a purple rabbit. Bonnie doesn't seem to have any eyebrows. He has rounded teeth and no teeth for his upper jaw. Bonnie's body looks similar to that of Freddy Fazbear's. He has a red bow tie and have ears that can bend forward. Bonnie has maroon eyes.

In the 2nd game, Bonnie's appearance changed a lot. He now has a bigger stomach. His color may be dark blueish purple. His left arm is gone completely, along with his face(excluding his lower jaw). He can be faceless by he is still active, his endoskeleton eyes are still there. The red layering for his lower jaw as mouth is also gone.

Personality Edit

FNaF Edit

At the very first game, Bonnie is the very first animatronic you come to contact. He is the most aggressive animatronic. The creator, Scott Cawthon also swears that he has nightmares of Bonnie, and said the Bonnie is the scariest animatronic out of all of them. There is a slight chance that he will interrupt the game over screen to his death screen. Bonnie also appears in more hallucinations than the others.

FNaF2 Edit

At the second game, Bonnie is also the very first old animatronic to leave the service room. His actions is very quick and it's possible that he is also the most aggressive animatronic, like he did in the first game. Bonnie will always be faster than Chica for some reasons.

FNaF3 Edit

Bonnie, however is not seen in the third game. But the trailer reviews him and he even looked at the camera, but he didn't even have any roles in the real game. It's possible that SpringTrap had taken his place. Because SpringTrap and Bonnie both don't have any eyebrows, and the Phone Guy even calls SpringTrap "Spring Bonnie".

Trivia Edit

  • Bonnie is one of the animatronic not to have a phantom counterpart.
    • It's unknown whether Phantom Freddy is Goldie or Freddy's phantom counterpart.

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