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Chica is an antagonist in FNaF. She is often mistaken as a duck.

Appearance Edit

In the first game, Chica appears to have a bib said "Let's EAT!!!". She has black eyebrows and seemingly have a duck's pill and is her color is yellow. This makes everyone thinks that Chica is a duck rather than a chicken. The only area that supports Chica is a chicken is that her toes have a space between them, while ducks have webbed feet.

In the second game, Chica's beak is broken, revealing the endoskeleton teeth highly. Her eyes doesn't seem to have eyelids at all. It also seems she is unable to lower her arms down to her side for some reason, as every instance of her has them raised and stretched out as if she is "T-posed" (models in games with no animation are generally posed this way). However, as evidenced by her appearance in the Right Air Vent, she can still raise them up, but this may also be because the small space in the air vent is forcing her arms up.

In the 3rd game, Phantom Chica took Chica's place. Phantom Chica has her appearance exactly the same as Chica does in the first game, except that she is burnt.

Personality Edit

FNaF Edit

Chica's personality is very much to that of Bonnie. She always haunt you from the right, and even attacks you from the right. She is less active than Bonnie for some reason.

FNaF2 Edit

Chica keeps her personality and didn't change a pinch. Like the 1st game, she will always go and hunt you after Bonnie and before Freddy Fazbear. She also attacks you from the right. She is the second most aggressive animatronic out of them.

FNaF3 Edit

Phantom Chica mostly appears after Night 2. The way she get in is that when you see her closed up face of her in gray version and you didn't switch into another camera, she will jumpscare you from the left side of the office.

Trivia Edit

  • Phantom Chica is the only model similar to the FNaF1's model of her.

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