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Yang Mei Hua
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Mei Ling(older sister)
1S&2Ps and F4XY
Sis...I don't want to be a gargoyle...
— Mei Hua cries to her sister

Mei Hua is one of the main characters. She is a non-human and is Mei Ling's younger sister.

History Edit

When she is born, her mother died and her father abandoned her and her sister. Mei Hua was sleeping that time so she didn't knew anything that had happened. Mei Ling as a young dragon carries her, flying away from China.

Mei Hua used to hate her own species. She cried about it one day when she is about 9. Her sister stopped by and encouraged her that she is still not close enough to her powers yet. She trusted herself and try to fly with her weak wings and her sister's teachings.

Personality Edit

Mei Hua is usually shy and can be brave only in rare scenes. She sticks her tongue more than her sister. She can be really creepy when she looked at you angrily. She is usually nocturnal and rarely diurnal. She is also a light sleeper.

As a dragon and gargoyle, she gained up her swimming skills and is an expert in swimming, for example, swim a 100 metre long will take 5 seconds for her. She also become more greedy and eats more than her human form. She can also breath water, means that she don't have to absorb air and use it again she can just swim longer.

With her friends Tiwa, Rosary, Yuri and Nasissa, she become braver and starts to hunt little animals. It seems that she only eat animals smaller than her and has less blood. One day, When she is ready for dinner, Mei Ling brought a dead zebra, Gwen ate it but not her, complaining it's discusting.

Appearance Edit

When human, Mei Hua has greyish blue hair. She has green eyes and remains them in all her forms. Her skin is dark peach.

In her gargoyle form, her skin turns light blue, grows a tail and a pair of wings. She now has sharp teeth and lizard tongue. Her hands and toes grow claws later on. Her skin covered by scales and this makes her becoming stronger.

As a dragon, everything remains except that she turns larger and go on all fours. Her neck also grows thicker and longer. Her face now has a tiny spike on top of her nose. Everything on her grows stronger and bigger.

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