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Life Stage
Star Child
Tumblr, DeviantArt
Artist, Animator
I was pushed, I didn't fall, I FLEW.
— Rebornica

Rebornica is an avatar named after his real form. He is a friend of F4XY and Bill.

Personality Edit

Rebornica, is a star child who is like F4XY, loves art and often makes comics. Rebornica is more into the universe. His species is more like a type of an alien and humanoid. Rebornica doesn't typically open his mouth, much like SpringTrap from Five Nights at Freddy's. Some times, Rebornica will have a pair of wings, helping out Mei Ling and Mei Hua, comfort them. However, F4XY and Bill laughs at him for being nice to the sisters and said he was their boyfriend. Rebornica doesn't mind that anyway.

Rebornica also have interest in FNaF, specially Purple Guy. He loves drawing him to have lizard tongue and be as creepy as possible.

Rebornica seems to have a crush on Chica, seen when he starts playing the game. He seems to really point Chica as his "very important person". It's very possible that Chica is his favorite animatronic in all of them.

Abilities Edit

Due to that Rebornica is a star child, he is also a hybrid between a humanoid alien and a ghost. He has an ability to teleport, and whoever is next to him will also teleport as well. He also has an ability to fly(or floating) as well.
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Rebornica in the universe

He is seen translucent in many times.

Appearance Edit

As a star child, Rebornica has mohawk hair, two white eyes without pupils and humanoid. He sometimes will have white wings. Rebornica only opens his mouth when he screeches or screams. His body is full of universal backgrounds to keep coolness. You can also barely see him in the space due to insibility.

Gallery Edit

Gallery of Rebornica

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