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Teenagers are the fourth stage the human and animal may encounter and get to. People who are aged between 13 and 19 are served as Teenagers.

Life Edit

Teenagers are eventually an older version of Children. They can be nerdy, jock, slack or whatever. Once they finished Elementary School, they will go to High School.

Teenagers are the first stage to view Mature Content, since children can't actually see other than General Content. But they aren't able to view Adult Content, since this is for adults only. They can now see really spooky stuff that is also not for kids, violent and many more(not for kids). Nerdy teens will be good at gaming and stuff like that.

Teenagers is also are strictly not to view sensitive stuff. Now in the world, even children are speaking foul language. Even the government doesnt really allow this, but they just did anyway and completely ignore it.