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Tom Cat, Talking Tom
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Close Relations
Ginger(nephew), Angela(girlfriend)
Talking Tom Website, Youtube
Actor, World's Coolest Cat
It’s me, the coolest cat in the universe and I love to make you laugh! I’m fun and creative, at least that’s what my friends say. I have a lot of awesome ideas… Ben doesn’t always agree, but what does he know! I fill my days with fun and laughter and I never let anything get me down. I love my friends, my nephew, Ginger, the purrfect girl, Angela, my buddy Ben and everyone else. You definitely have to meet them all.
— Tom says in his website

Tom is a cool cat that is also aliased "World's Coolest Cat", in other words "Talking Tom". Tom is a British or American grey cat that loves making people laugh.

Personality Edit

Followed by the quote, he is seeming teasing others that no one can be as cool as him or better. He is the universe's coolest cat and is creative. He is also smart enough to create his own app named after one of his famous aliases, Talking Tom.

In the 2015 series of Talking Friends, most of his character is unchanged. He is voiced by Geoff Weiss, possibly an American. Tom in the animated series takes things less seriously than what he does normally. Tom never gives up being a cool cat in the world. The way to make him famous is because he has more apps than anyone in Talking Friends. He has My Talking Tom, Talking Tom 2, Talking Tom Messenger and many more.

Appearance Edit

Tom is a green-eyed grey tabby. He has blacker stripes on his back and tail. He has white fur highlighting for his belly and the lower part of his tail. He has some sharp teeth. Tom has claws that is as sharp as normal cats do.

Real Edit

Some people is theorizing that Tom and the others are real as rumors. These rumors is all fake and Talking Tom is not real at all, he is just an entertainer to make kids laugh.

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