Fujiwara Yuri
Yuri, Coward Yakuza
Life Stage
1S&2Ps, F4XY

Yuri is a young japanese girl that makes an appearance for 1S&2Ps, and Laflora comics. She also makes an appearance here.

History Edit

Yuri's mother is a human, while Yuri's father Yakuza, is a Siren, just like her. Because Yakuza haven't tell Yuri that she is a specie he is, Yuri will then had to gone of her own. She suddenly transformed into a phoenix when she is seven. Being feared of herself, she go and meet her father, but she can't regonize her father as a phoenix. Yakuza hugged Yuri as both phoenixes, and Yuri cried.

Yuri doesn't like her specie for the first time, but year after another, she becomes wild just like Yakuza. Yakuza brings Yuri to the forest to Mei Hua's cave.

Personality Edit

Yuri is known to be coward. But, if she screams loudly, the people besides her can lost their hearings and get deaf. She likes flying around with her wings. She is scared of red and will faint of it. Usually, is Yakuza hunt food because Yuri is allergic to blood. She loves singing on a tree branch.

Appearance Edit

Yuri has green hair and ties them into two. Unlike others, she has yellow eyes.

When she is a siren, she gets wings on her back, and her arms and legs both turns into the feet of a bird. She also gains pointy ears and a bird tail.

If she is a phoenix, she literally has wings that her arms will be. Her hair will shrink and she will have blue feathers. Her feet doesn't change compared to her siren form.

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